How do I Qualify?

You must be a Riley County or St. George
resident in financial crisis. Shepherd's Crossing
assists those individuals who have no other
financial recourse and are unable to pay their
electric, gas, rent, or prescription drug bills. We
do not require a client to have a shut off notice
or an eviction notice. Each case is determined
on an individual basis by Shepherd's Crossing’s counselors. All counselors are required to
maintain client confidentiality.


What is required for assistance?

All clients who receive services are required to provide a current picture ID. If you are in need of assistance for a utility bill, you must provide a current copy of your bill; we are unable to assist with old bills or bills from a residence where you no longer live. If you are in need of assistance for rent, you must provide a signed lease agreement. To fill a prescription, you must provide the written prescription. We will fill a prescription if you have prescription coverage with your health insurance or no insurance coverage at all. Shepherd's Crossing has limited funds and may pay only a part of a bill, you may be asked to return with a receipt for your portion of the payment before we pay our pledged amount. All clients are asked to sign a written release form which allows us to call landlords, utility companies and pharmacies to verify all information.