Shepherd's Crossing is dependent almost entirely
upon its many wonderful volunteers. You can become
involved in the ministry in several different ways:

1. Volunteer “counselors” are the heart of our organization and working directly with clients is one of the most rewarding ways to become involved.  Counselors assess each case individually offering both emotional and financial assistance.  Counselor training is held three times a year and each volunteer is provided with written guidelines and a folder of necessary forms and information.  All new volunteers are asked to shadow other counselors until they become comfortable and sufficiently informed to work with clients on their own.  All volunteers will soon learn that new situations arise every week and no single volunteer has all the answers all the time.  Counselors freely ask one another for advice and guidance.

2. If volunteers would like to become involved but would rather not work directly with clients, Shepherd’s Crossing always needs help with basic data entry, copying, stapling, and other office tasks.  Entertaining clients’ children is sometimes called for. More advanced computer skills are always welcome.

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3. Shepherd’s Crossing needs volunteers to serve as intake persons. 
These volunteers welcome clients, briefly assess their needs, start
them on paperwork, answer basic questions, and do photo copying. 

4. Volunteers with writing skills can help with the newsletter and do
editing of correspondence.

5. New volunteers will be asked to fill out a basic application form and
provide a letter of recommendation from a pastor or other person with
knowledge of his or her character and ability.

We hope that you will consider becoming involved
in this vital and rewarding ministry.